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MITSUBISHI R16SFCPU Manual And Instructions
R16SFCPU datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI R16SFCPU Product information and technical parameters:
Name: CPU
Model: R16SFCPU

Operation control mode: stored procedure repeated operation.
Built in IE CC-Link.
Input / output points: 4096 points.
Program capacity: 1200K.
Increase the speed of a constant cycle interrupt program.
Perform a minimum interval constant period interrupt program can be shortened to 50 s,
Programmable logic controller can read more high-speed signals R16SFCPU.
In addition, it can also be a priority for the interrupt program,
Interrupt routine with high priority when interrupt processing R16SFCPU
Therefore, when the signal is read at a high speed, the program can read the signal from the constant cycle of the conventional input module +CPU module.
Program capacity: 1200K.
Program capacity of up to 1200K.
Multi CPU system for high precision motion control R16SFCPU.
The built-in CPU module support 2 Gigabit Network port.
Database functions to facilitate data management.
Extended SRAM card with built-in security function.
Can be carried out a variety of motion control (position, speed, torque, advanced synchronous control, etc.).
In line with the international safety standards (13849-1 PL e ISO, IEC 61508 SIL 3) security CPU R16SFCPU.
The most suitable for C/C++ language programming from the computer / computer environment for transplantation. The input and output module installation number: 5.
Can install module: iQ-R MELSEC series module.
DIN guide rail mounting adapter type: R6DIN1.
Size (H) * (32.5mm) * (W) * (D): * 245mm * 101mm.
Substrate module for mounting various modules of iQ-R MELSEC series.
CPU module could not be installed on the extended substrate module. "Analog input channel number: 8CH.
Ambient temperature of 25 plus or minus 5 degrees C: plus or minus 0.1%.
Ambient temperature 0 ~ 55 degrees C: plus or minus 0.3%.
Temperature coefficient.
Conversion speed: 80 s/CH.
Channel to channel insulation.
Absolute maximum input: 30mA.
External wiring connection mode: 18 point screw terminal.
Voltage input
Analog input voltage: -.
Digital output value: -.
Current input
Analog input current: DC0 ~ 20mA.
Digital output value: 0 ~ 32000.
16 bit high resolution (1/32000).
No program can perform scaling and conversion operations.
The most suitable for the requirements of speed and accuracy of the detection equipment.
Easy to filter high frequency interference.
Execute event driven programs via alarm output.
Through the engineering software, the output of arbitrary analog waveform data.
Reduce downtime and reduce maintenance costs through anomaly detection
Works3 GX can be useed to easily set the critical value of the input and output signals R16SFCPU.
Can quickly detect the abnormal signal, so it can shorten the downtime, reduce maintenance costs.
Channel insulation can ensure the accurate signal transceiver.
Model withh " -G " module in the channel between the insulation,
Isolation amplifiers are not required to prevent inter channel current and interference current R16SFCPU.

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