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MITSUBISHI R08PCPU Manual And Instructions
R08PCPU datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI R08PCPU Product information and technical parameters:
Name: CPU
Model: R08PCPU

Axis of control: 8.
Operation cycle: 0.444ms, 0.888ms, 1.777ms, 3.555ms.
Control unit: mm, inch, degree, pulse.
Location data: 600 data / axis.
Boot time (operation cycle 0.444ms, 1 axes): 0.7ms.
Servo amplifier connection mode: SSCNET III /H.
Inter station distance (max): 100m.
External wiring connection: 40 pin connector two R08PCPU.
Straight line interpolation: 2 axis, 3 axis, 4 axis.
Arc interpolation: 2 axes R08PCPU
And the positioning module is the same, simple movement module can be set up simple parameters and through the control program to start,
Easy positioning control, advanced synchronous control, cam control, speed / torque control, and other motion control.
According to the user''s control requirements, from the maximum number of control axis to 2 axis, 4 axis, 8 axis, 16 axis type in the choice of the most suitable module R08PCPU.
Positioning control (sealant / adhesive coating equipment etc.).
Synchronous control / electronic cam control (pick and place machine, packing machine, etc.).
Speed / torque control (stamping machine, die casting machine, etc.).
Speed / position control switching (production of semiconductor chips, etc R08PCPU. ).
IQ-R MELSEC series of simple movement module, positioning module, high-speed counter module for intelligent function module,
High speed and high precision motion control, position control and position detection can be carried out by simple programming.
The simple motion module has the same operation convenience as the positioning module,
Like motion controller for synchronous control, cam control and other advanced control.
Can be connected to the servo system dedicated to support high-speed synchronous network /H III SSCNET servo amplifier.
Motion control by simple programming.
Can be realized through the software gear, shaft, transmission, cam action.
The most suitable for milling spiral line interpolation.
Normal start, high speed start, multi axis simultaneous start.
High precision ON/OFF pulse time measurement. Operation control mode: stored procedure repeated operation.
Built in IE CC-Link.
Input / output points: 4096 points.
Program capacity: 1200K.
Increase the speed of a constant cycle interrupt program.
Perform a minimum interval constant period interrupt program can be shortened to 50 s,
Programmable logic controller can read more high-speed signals.
In addition, it can also be a priority for the interrupt program,
Interrupt routine with high priority when interrupt processing.
Therefore, when the signal is read at a high speed, the program can read the signal from the constant cycle of the conventional input module +CPU module.
Program capacity: 1200K.
Program capacity of up to 1200K.
Multi CPU system for high precision motion control.
The built-in CPU module support 2 Gigabit Network port.
Database functions to facilitaate data management R08PCPU.
Extended SRAM card with built-in security function.
Can be carried out a variety of motion control (position, speed, torque, advanced synchronous control, etc.).
In line with the international safety standards (13849-1 PPL e ISO, IEC 61508 SIL 3) security CPU R08PCPU.
The most suitable for C/C++ language programming from the computer / computer environment for transplantation.

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