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MITSUBISHI R32SFCPU Manual And Instructions
R32SFCPU datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI R32SFCPU Product information and technical parameters:
Name: CPU
Model: R32SFCPU

Analog input channel number: 8CH.
Ambient temperature of 25 plus or minus 5 degrees C: plus or minus 0.1%.
Ambient temperature 0 ~ 55 degrees C:-.
Temperature coefficient: positive and negative 35ppm/.
Conversion speed: 10ms.
Insulation between channels: isolation transformer insulation R32SFCPU.
Absolute maximum input: positive and negative 15V, 30mA.
External wiring connection mode: 40 pin connector R32SFCPU
Voltage input
The analog input voltage: DC - 10 - 10V.
Digital output value: 32000 ~ 32000.
Current input
Analog input current: DC0 ~ 20mA.
Digital output value: 0 ~ 32000.
Analog input module for the external analog signal into the interface of the programmable controller.
Can choose the channel between the insulation, voltage input, current input, voltage / current mixed input, thermocouple input, temperature resistance (RTD) input for a variety of purposes, such as modules R32SFCPU.
Filter high frequency interference.
Analog input module has been equipped with a first order lag filter.
The analog input signal with high frequency interference component can be obtained by using the first order lag filter R32SFCPU.
Parameters can be set through the filter time constant, no program can be easy to use.
Execute event driven program through alarm output
Strengthen the implementation of the interrupt function according to the alarm output flag, easy to carry out preventive maintenance.
The measured value and the change rate of the analog input signal exceed the upper and lower limits of the set,
Regardless of the procedure of the scan time, can be executed interrupt handling, quickly respond to abnormal conditions. "Axis of control: 32.
Program language: motion SFC, special instruction.
Servo program capacity: 32K.
Location points: 6400 (indirect).
Servo amplifier connection mode: SSCNET III /H (2 system).
Suitable for a variety of purposes.
Winding material, such as film, can be put down by fixed tension.
Speed control using advanced synchronous control,
To keep the entire production line in sync.
Workpiece position can be obtained directly from the visual system,
High speed motion control to change the position of the target in the process of operation, reduce the positioning time.
Advanced synchronous control and speed / torque control,
High speed and high precision synchronous control of various printing modules R32SFCPU.
Motion SFC program.
Motion CPU module through "Function Chart Sequential", in the form of flow chart description of motion control program.
The program can be used to describe the motion CPU module of the SFC moduule, which is suitable for event processing,
Using motion CPU module to control a series of movements of equipment, improve the response of the event R32SFCPU. "

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