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MITSUBISHI R16PCPU Manual And Instructions
R16PCPU datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI R16PCPU Product information and technical parameters:
Name: CPU
Model: R16PCPU

Analog input channel number: 4CH.
Available thermocouple: B, R, S, K, E, J, T, N, U, L, PL II, W5Re/W26Re.
Available temperature resistance: PT100, JPt100.
Sampling period 4CH: 250ms/500ms.
Control output cycle: 0.5s ~ 100.0s.
Input impedance: 1M.
Input filter (0: input filter OFF): 0 ~ 100s.
Sensor compensation value setting: the full range of the input range of the negative terminal to the full range of the input range R16PCPU R16PCPU
Sensor input when the action: according to the scale of the processing.
Temperature control mode: ON/OFF PID pulse or 2 position control
Heater disconnection detection specification: none.
External wiring connection mode: 18 point screw terminal.
IQ-R MELSEC series of temperature control module to achieve a high stability and response to the temperature control R16PCPU.
Divided into Thermocouple Input, temperature resistance input two types of input,
These two kinds of input types are distinguished by the function of the detection of the broken line with / without heater.
Reduce the incidence of non qualified products by inhibiting the effect of external interference,
Improve the efficiency of life and product quality by using external interference suppression function,
The temperature fluctuation caused by external disturbance can be rapidly attenuated,
To ensure that the product processing within the specified temperature range, reduce the incidence of substandard products R16PCPU.
This function is very effective for the product packaging machine and injection molding machine, the semiconductor manufacturing device of the wafer heating board and so on. Safety grade (SIL): SIL 3 (IEC 61508).
Performance level (PL): e PL (13849-1 EN/ISO).
Operation control mode: stored procedures repeated operation.
Program capacity: 1200K (security program: 40K).
Program memory: 4800K.
Soft element / tag memory: 3370K.
Data memory: 40M.
Unified program development environment.
Whether the general control procedures or safety control procedures, can be integrated into 1 Engineering documents,
Unified management by Works3 GX. The troublesome operation can save more than one project file management.
When you create a security control program, you are also the same as when you create a general control program,
Various features of GXWorks3 can be developed using the support program. R16PCPU.
Improve production efficiency through high responsiveness and rich program capacity.
Efficient use of high performance iQ-R CC-Link series and IE Field MELSEC networks,
Improve responsiveness and improve production efficiency.
In addition,, the security control program capacity increased to 40K, about 3 times in the past R16PCPU.
Safe CPU can be used to deal with complex large capacity programs.

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