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MITSUBISHI R120PCPU Manual And Instructions
R120PCPU datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI R120PCPU Product information and technical parameters:
Name: CPU
Model: R120PCPU

Analog output channel number: 8CH.
Ambient temperature of 25 plus or minus 5 degrees C: plus or minus 0.1%.
Ambient temperature 0 ~ 55 degrees C: plus or minus 0.3%.
Temperature coefficient.
Conversion speed: 80 s/CH.
Channel to channel insulation
Output short circuit protection: have.
External power supply: DC24 R120PCPU.
External wiring connection mode: 18 point screw terminal.
Voltage output
Digital input value: - R120PCPU
Analog output voltage: -.
Current output
Digital input value: 0 ~ 32000.
Analog output current: DC0 ~ 20mA.
High speed output flow simulation waveform.
The analog output module has the function of registering arbitrary waveform data to the module, and continuously executing the analog output according to the set conversion cycle R120PCPU.
Execute the analog quantity (torque) control of stamping machine and injection molding machine, can automatically output the control waveform,
Through the process of high speed, smooth control. In addition, only prior to the waveform data are registered in the module,
Can easily control the analog waveform, so the production line control, such as repetitive control,
Without using a special program to create the waveform, can reduce the programming time R120PCPU.
Module binding function.
Combined with the use of up to 64 sets of temperature control module for temperature control. Can be combined with the function of the following two points.
Heating function between modules.
Peak current suppression function between modules. Operation control mode: stored procedure repeated operation.
Input / output points: 4096 points.
Program capacity: 80K.
Newly developed high speed parallel control execution engine and high speed system bus
In the large and complex production system, it is necessary to shorten the time of production.
IQ-R MELSEC series of new development of the basic operation processing speed (LD instructions) for the 0.98ns ultra high speed processing and control execution engine,
And the high speed system bus which can significantly improve the communication between the multi CPU and the data communication speed between the network module and the network module,
Helps to shorten the production cycle of the production system.
Program capacity of up to 1200K.
Multi CPU system for high precision motion control.
The built-in CPU module support 2 Gigabit Network port.
Database functions to facilitatte data management R120PCPU.
Extended SRAM card with built-in security function.
Can be carried out a variety of motion control (position, speed, torque, advanced synchronous control, etc.).
In line with the international safety standards (13849-1 PPL e ISO, IEC 61508 SIL 3) security CPU R120PCPU.
The most suitable for C/C++ language programming from the computer / computer environment for transplantation.

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