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MITSUBISHI R08SFCPU Manual And Instructions
R08SFCPU datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI R08SFCPU Product information and technical parameters:
Name: CPU
Model: R08SFCPU

Safety grade (SIL): SIL 3 (IEC 61508).
Performance level (PL): e PL (13849-1 EN/ISO).
Operation control mode: stored procedures repeated operation.
Program capacity: 160K (security program: 40K).
Program memory: 640K.
Soft element / tag memory: 1710K.
Data memory: 10M.
Integrate security functions into the control system R08SFCPU.
Can be used in the previous iQ-R MELSEC series module as a general control purposes,
Use on the same substrate, it can be used to construct a hybrid system with general control and safety control R08SFCPU
Moreover, IE Field CC-Link network can be integrated with general communication and secure communication,
Ethernet cable can also be used in secure communication,
No need to use a dedicated cable, etc R08SFCPU. .
In line with the international safety standards for the safety of CPU can be controlled at the same time the general system and safety system.
Available through IE Field CC-Link network,
Connect the safety switch and safety light curtain system used to secure CPU,
System for the construction of a general control and safety control system.
In addition, through the use of intuitive engineering software Works3 GX,
Focus on general control and safety control programming R08SFCPU. 230.4kbps RS-232, Max. 1 channel, RS-422/485 1 channel.
When using the serial communication module, it is only necessary to select from the communication protocol library of engineering software,
Can carry out data communication support MODBUS general agreement.
2 channels are supported 230.4kbps, communication can fully play the performance of the matching equipment. "Axis of control: 32.
Program language: motion SFC, special instruction.
Servo program capacity: 32K.
Location points: 6400 (indirect).
Servo amplifier connection mode: SSCNET III /H (2 system).
Suitable for a variety of purposes.
Winding material, such as film, can be put down by fixed tension.
Speed control using advanced synchronous control,
To keep the entire production line in sync.
Workpiece position can be obtained directly from the visual system,
High speed motion control to change the position of the target in the process of operation, reduce the positioning time.
Advanced synchronous control and speed / torque control,
High speed and high precision synchronous control of various printing modules R08SFCPU.
Motion SFC program.
Motion CPU module through "Function Chart Sequential", in the form of flow chart description of motion control program.
The program can be used to describe the motion CPU module of the SFC moduule, which is suitable for event processing,
Using motion CPU module to control a series of movements of equipment, improve the response of the event R08SFCPU. "

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