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Country: JAPAN
Name: Low inertia medium / high power servo motor
Model: HA-LP22K24B
Price: 0
Express PCI bus.
Support Japanese, English OS.
SI/QSI/H-PCF/ broadband H-PCF cable.
Dual loop controller network (control station / common station).
MELSECNET/H network module capable of composing large scale flexible network system.
The MELSECNET/H network system includes the PLC network of the control station and the communication between the stations and the remote I/O network in the remote station remote I/O station HA-LP22K24B
Optical fiber loop system...... High speed communication of 10Mbps/25Mbps is realized.
The distance between stations, the length of the total cable length, strong anti-interference.
Coaxial bus system...... Using low cost coaxial cable, the network construction cost is lower than that of the optical fiber loop network.
Twisted pair bus system...... Combined with high performance price ratio network module and twisted pair cable,
The construction cost of network system is very low.
I/O control in the first class of open field network module.
CC-Link based on reliable field bus technology,
Able to transmit large number of bits data (such as ON/OFF information) and word data (such as analog information).
Consistency of CC-Link to maintain loop transmission,
And the cycle of transmission and information (instantaneous transmission) communication separately, so as to ensure the timeliness of.
Even if the information reaches saturation, it will not affect the link scan time.
DB A20 AnyWire system uses a separate transmission mode,
Sensor networks to achieve high speed and high reliability.
The transmission distance of 50m/200m/1km/3km can be selected.
1 modules can be up to 512 points of the input, 512 points of output (standard setting).
Even branch wiring, but also to detect transmission lines.For the operation panel (FR-DU08) between the connector and the connecting cable.Signal transmission device B/NET interface device for power distribution control equipment
The response time of PLC is the interval between the time of the change of the external output signal of the PLC and the time of the change of the external output signal which is controlled by it,
Lag time, this is the time constant of the input circuit,
The time constant of the output circuit, the arrangement of the user statement and the use of the instruction,
The cycle scan mode of PLC and the way of PLC to refresh the I/O and so on.
This phenomenon is called the I/O delay time effect.
Input status and input information input from the input interface,
CPU will be stored in the working data memory or in the input image register.
And then combine the data and the program with CPU.
The result is stored in the output image register or the working data memory,
And then output to the output interface, control the external drive.
HA-LP22K24B Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=HA-LP22K24B&select=5

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