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Country: JAPAN
Name: Low inertia medium / high power servo motor
Model: HA-LP15K24
Price: 0
Type: 18 point terminal.
Input / output mode: analog voltage and current output.
Number of channels: 4 channels.
No need to extend or change the network wiring to increase the number of analog points.
The conversion speed of the analog input module can be selected from 100 mu s/ channel, 400 mu s/ channel and 1ms/ channel. (switching speed switching function)
The conversion speed of the analog output module is 100 mu s/ channel HA-LP15K24
Can be connected to the analog input / output module (NZ2GF2BN-60AD4, NZ2GF2BN-60DA4) after the use of.
IE CC-Link field network remote equipment station. According to the equipment, more easily distributed input and output devices.
Can be connected to the expansion module, more convenient to expand the input and output points.
Support synchronous communication (using with simple motion control module).
According to the simple motion control module of the network (Master) control cycle of the implementation of the control cycle and its synchronization,
Implementation of multiple simultaneous action from the station. Applicable motor capacity: 0.75KW.
Rated current: 1.2A.
Power supply voltage: three phase 400V.
Frequency converter and GOT supporting the use, to achieve a higher price.
SIMPLE GOT series can be directly connected to the IS70 series inverter.
GOT can be directly connected with the inverter. After connecting the two, the communication parameters can be automatically set.
In addition, the software can display the soft component of the control function in the GOT, even when the multi frequency converter is connected,
Can also be unified management with 1 GOT.
Through the GOT screen to create software to import the picture data after the GOT,
Only use RS-422 connection GOT and frequency converter,
Can change the inverter speed / direction, monitoring the output frequency / output current and set a variety of parameters. Max input / output points: 48 points.
Power supply voltage: 24VDC.
Input points: 24 points.
Output points: 24 points.
Output type: Transistor (source).
Power consumption: 30W.
Weight (kg):0.85.
Size (WxHxD) mm:182x90x87.
Developed a range of special function modules to meet the needs of different - analog I/O, high speed counter.
Positioning control to achieve the 16 axis, the pulse train output or for the J and K type thermocouple or Pt sensor developed the temperature module.
A total of 8 special function modules can be configured for each FX2n main unit.
Note recording function, Component annotation can be recorded in the program register.
Online program editor, online change the program will not lose the working hours or stop production operation.
RUN/STOP switch, running on panel / stop switch easy to operate.
Remote maintenance, remote programming software can monitor, upload or uninstall programs and data via modem communications
Password protection, using a eight digit password to protect your program.
Clock function and hour meter function, all of the PLC FX2N has a real-time clock standard.
Continuous scanning function, to define the operation cycle for the application of the continuous scan time.
Input filter adjustment function, you can use the input filter to smooth the input signal (in the basic unit x000 to x017).
HA-LP15K24 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=HA-LP15K24&select=5

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