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Country: JAPAN
Name: Low inertia medium / high power servo motor
Model: HA-LP11K24B
Price: 0
Enter 16 points.
Voltage and current: 14mA DC24V.
Response time: 8ms.
16 point 1 public end, 20 point terminal.
Detailed analysis of the process and work characteristics of the controlled object,
To understand the coordination between the controlled object machine, electricity and liquid,
The control requirements of the controlled object for MITSUBISHI PLC control system are put forward,
Determine the control program, to develop a design task book HA-LP11K24B
How to determine the input / output device of MITSUBISHI plc.
According to the control requirements of the system,
All input devices and output devices required for the determination of the system,
To determine the input / output device related to the MITSUBISHI PLC,
To determine the I/O PLC points. Operation control mode: stored procedure repeated operation.
Input / output points: 4096 points.
Program capacity: 80K.
Newly developed high speed parallel control execution engine and high speed system bus
In the large and complex production system, it is necessary to shorten the time of production.
IQ-R MELSEC series of new development of the basic operation processing speed (LD instructions) for the 0.98ns ultra high speed processing and control execution engine,
And the high speed system bus which can significantly improve the communication between the multi CPU and the data communication speed between the network module and the network module,
Helps to shorten the production cycle of the production system.
Program capacity of up to 1200K.
Multi CPU system for high precision motion control.
The built-in CPU module support 2 Gigabit Network port.
Database functions to facilitate data management.
Extended SRAM card with built-in security function.
Can be carried out a variety of motion control (position, speed, torque, advanced synchronous control, etc.).
In line with the international safety standards (13849-1 PL e ISO, IEC 61508 SIL 3) security CPU.
The most suitable for C/C++ language programming from the computer / computer environment for transplantation.
HA-LP11K24B Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=HA-LP11K24B&select=5

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