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Country: JAPAN
Name: Low inertia medium / high power servo motor
Model: HA-LP11K24
Price: 0
Protective film for 4.7 inch screen.
Scrub (frame: white), 5.
Applicable model: GT104. The length of the line: 20M.
Relay type.
IP level: IP20.
Bending life: standard.
Encoder with cable (amplifier side); for HF-KP/HF-MP series. MITSUBISHI general purpose AC servo amplifier MR-J2 series.
Rated output: 1.0kw.
Interface: general purpose interface.
Voltage: three phase AC200V.
MITSUBISHI servo system in the MITSUBISHI servo amplifier is widely used,
It can not only be used in the high precision position control and speed control of the working machinery and general industrial machinery,
Can also be used in the field of speed control and tension control HA-LP11K24
By installing a personal computer with a servo setting software, the parameters setting, trial run, state display, and gain adjustment are performed.
MITSUBISHI servo system MR-J2S column is developed on the basis of the servo MR-J2 series with a higher performance and more features of the MITSUBISHI servo system,
The control modes are position control, speed control and torque control, as well as the switching control mode among them. DC input points: 64 points.
Input voltage and current: 4/9mA, DC12/24V.
Response time: 107ms.
Positive pole sharing.
16 point /1 a public side.
Output points: 64 points.
Output voltage and current: DC12/24V, 100mA/1 point, 2A/1 common end.
Response time: (2I/O update time * 5) Ms.
32 point /1 a public side.
Output form: transistor output, leakage type.
40 pin connector x 4.
Number of stations: 4 stops.
Compact remote I/O unit.
According to the control requirements of the system, using the appropriate design method to design MITSUBISHI PLC program.
Procedures to meet the requirements of system control as the main line,
Write one by one to achieve the control function or the sub task of the program,
Gradually improve the functions specified by the system.
MITSUBISHI PLC detection, fault diagnosis and display and other procedures.
These procedures are relatively independent, generally in the basic completion of the program design and then add.
Hardware simulation method is to use a number of hardware equipment to simulate the generation of the signal,
The signals are connected to the input end of the PLC system in a hard wired way, and the timeliness is strong.
Software simulation method is in the MITSUBISHI PLC in the preparation of a set of simulation program,
The simulation provides the field signal, which is simple and easy to operate, but it is not easy to guarantee the timeliness.
Simulation of the process of debugging, debugging method can be used to segment, and the monitoring function of programmer.
HA-LP11K24 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=HA-LP11K24&select=5

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