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HA-FF43 Low inertia small capacity motor

MITSUBISHI HA-FF43 Manual And Instructions
HA-FF43 datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI HA-FF43 Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Low inertia small capacity motor
Model: HA-FF43
Motor series: low inertia, small capacity.
Using a serial absolute / incremental encoder.
Rated output power: 0.4kw.
Rated speed: 3000rpm.
With the brake: without.
Shaft end: straight shaft.
AC servo motor and brushless DC servo motor in the function of the difference: AC servo is better, because it is a sine wave control, torque ripple small.
DC servo is a trapezoidal wave. DC servo is simple and cheap.

Type: HA-ME series.
Rated output: 0.4KW.
Rated speed: 3000r/min.
Electromagnetic brake: there.
Control complex, easy to achieve intelligent,
The electronic commutation method is flexible and can be changed by square wave or sine wave.
Motor maintenance free, high efficiency, low operating temperature,
Electromagnetic radiation is very small, long life, can be used in a variety of environments HA-FF43 HA-FF43
AC servo motor is brushless motor, which is divided into synchronous and asynchronous motor,
Synchronous machines are commonly used in motion control,
Its power range, you can do a lot of power.
Large inertia, the maximum rotation speed is low, and with the increase of power and rapid reduction.
So it is suitable for the application of low speed and stable operation HA-FF43.
The rotor of the servo motor is permanent magnet,
Drive controlled U/V/W three phase electric electromagnetic field,
The rotor rotates under the action of the magnetic field,
At the same time the motor comes with the encoder feedback signal to the drive,
According to the feedback value and the target value, the driver is compared,
Adjust the rotor rotation angle HA-FF43.
The accuracy of the servo motor is determined by the accuracy of the encoder. The length of the line: 2m.
IP level: IP67.
Bending life: high bending life.
Encoder cable for HF-KP/HF-MP/HF-SP/HF-JP/HC-LP/HC-UP series. Motor series: low inertia, medium capacity.
Using a serial absolute / incremental encoder.
Rated output power: 2.0kw.
Rated speed: 3000rpm.
With the brake: without.
Shaft end: straight shaft.
Performance comparison of servo motor and stepping motor.
Stepper motor as an open-loop control system, and modern digital control technology has the essential link.
In the current domestic digital control system, stepping motor is widely used.
With the emergence of digital AC servo system, AC servo motor is more and mmore used in digital control system HA-FF43.
In order to adapt to the development trend of digital control, most of the motion control system adopts stepping motor or full digital AC servo motor as executive motor.
Although they are similar in contrrol mode (pulse train and directional signal), there are great differences in performance and application HA-FF43.
The use performance of the two are compared.

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