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Country: JAPAN
Name: servo motor
Model: HA-SH152B
Price: 0
Input / output form: relay output.
Output points: 8 points.
DC5V internal consumption current: 75mA.
DC24V internal consumption current: 75mA.
In order to extend the input output of the device.
Also has a built-in power supply products.
The maximum number of points for the input and output is 256.
Expansion module: up to 16 units (in addition to the power expansion module)
The total number of CC-Link, AnyWireASLINK, and Bitty series of remote I/O is 512 points HA-SH152B MITSUBISHI motor universal AC servo amplifier MELSERVO-J3 series.
Rated output: 11.0kw.
Interface type: SSCNET type III fiber communication.
Special features: integrated driver security.
Power specification: three phase AC200V.
STO function as a security feature is added to the SSCNET III fiber communication type servo amplifier.
By using the STO function, the electromagnetic contactor used in the past to prevent the motor from accidentally starting is no longer needed.
SS1 functions can be realized by using the MR-J3-D05 security logic unit.
MR-J3-BS uses a full closed loop control system.
Compatibility with MR-J3-B.
MR-J3-BS installation, wiring and connectors are the same as the MR-J3-B, so do not change the existing connection will be easy to MR-J3-B
Change to MR-J3-BS.
Security functions are connected to the CN8 interface through an external security circuit to increase the MR-J3-BS driver security.
Compatible full closed loop control system.
MR-J3-BS has a full closed loop control system version. Function: AnyWireASLINK master station.
DC5V internal consumption current: 130mA. Cable length: 10m.
For connection between FXCPU (MINI-DIN8 pin connector) and GOT.
Connection between FXCPU communication function extension board (MINI-DIN8 pin connector) and GOT.
Applicable models: GT10, GT21. Master station module for CC-Link/LT.
I/O control can be used in the province of CC-LINK/LT.
Is to make PLC CC-LINK/LT as the main station of the FX system module.
The master station module and the remote I/O module can be connected by a special connector, and achieve the purpose of the distribution of the province.
Up to 64 remote I/O station modules can be connected.
Remote I/O module is assigned a common X, Y soft components,
By using the same procedure as the common input and output.
Even if the use of 2 points, 4 points of the remote I/O module, the number of soft components can be continuously assigned,
So it can be efficiently allocated I/O.
HA-SH152B Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=HA-SH152B&select=5

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