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R120CPU Programmable logic controller CPU

MITSUBISHI R120CPU Manual And Instructions
R120CPU datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI R120CPU Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Programmable logic controller CPU
Model: R120CPU
Operation control mode: stored procedure repeated operation.
Input / output points: 4096 points.
Program capacity: 1200K.
As the core of the programmable controller control system, programmable controller CPU module has been equipped with a variety of functions,
Support multiple controls. Program capacity from the 40K step to the 1200K step, to select the most suitable system size of the CPU module.
And the CPU module can be directly connected to the industrial network, which can reduce the construction cost of the system.
Soft element / label area for easy processing
The extended SRAM card is installed on the programmable controller CPU module,
Soft element / label storage area with up to 5786K words.
The expansion area is connected to the memory of the built-in CPU module,
The range of soft components / labels can be freely distributed.
Therefore, it can be easily programmed without taking into account the boundaries of each storage area.
In addition, can also use the SD memory card processing records data, database data, such as large capacity data.

The input and output module installation number: 5.
Can install module: iQ-R MELSEC series module.
DIN guide rail mounting adapter type: R6DIN1.
Size (H) * (32.5mm) * (W) * (D): * 245mm * 101mm.
Substrate module for mounting various modules of iQ-R MELSEC series.
CPU module could not be installed on the extended substrate module R120CPU. ""The length of the cable: 0.6 meters.
IQ-R MELSEC series of "inter module synchronization", refers to the module can be in accordance with the synchronization cycle between modules,
The function of the input and output time synchronization of the multiple input and output modules and the intelligent function modules of the synchronization object R120CPU
Using this function, the system and equipment can be controlled with high precision R120CPU.
In addition, it is also available in the CC-LinkIE field network synchronous communication, so that the action time between the network nodes to maintain synchronization,
To avoid the error caused by the network transmission delay time, so as to build a stable system.
At the same time using these features, it can be easy to respond to the requirements of the high accuracy of the movement of the situation,
For example, the cutting and bending process of offset press, etc R120CPU. . "Data transmission speed: 1G/100M/10M: bps.
Interface: RJ45 connector (MDI/MDI-X AUTO).
Maximum frame size: 1518/9022 (when using mega frame).
IP version: IPv4: correspondence.
At the same time, the number of open connections: 128.
Fixed cache: 5K word x 16.
Cache for random access: 6K word x 1.
Communication cable: 1000BASE-T standard Ethernet cable: 5E class above, (with double shield, STP) through cable.
Ethernet interface module with 2 Ethernet ports,
Can be used as Ethernet, IE CC-Link controller network (metal cable), IE Field CC-Link network with communication port. In addition,
The module has been adopted to facilitate the identification of the positive words and graphic dot matrix LED,
In order to quickly identify the communication status of the network.
Equipped with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports support,
Communication of Ethernet, IE CC-Link controller network (metal cable) or IE Field CC-Link network.
The 2 Ethernet ports can be used in combination with other networks.
1 modules can support 2 kinds of network such as Ethernet and IE Field CC-Link network, which can reduce the cost of network construction.
In addition, the Ethernet communication can be simultaneously open 128 connections, which can be connected to more support for Ethernet devices.
Can support a variety of network module products.
Based on IE 1Gbps CC-Link, 128K word high-speed, large capacity network.
1 modules support multiple networks.
Seamless communication through SLMP.
When an exception occurs, the communication can be continued through the ring back function.
Support RS-422/485, RS-232 and other standard interface.
IQ-R MELSEC series contains a variety of network modules and interface modules,
From the computer layer (production management, information system) to the field layer (equipment system), to provide the most suitable for the purpose and use of the network.
Open network IE CC-Link based on Ethernet is the core of the network.
IE CC-Link is an industrial open network with the flexible application of the world standard Ethernet technology,
Seamless connection can be realized from the controller layer to the field layer.
The use of SLMP, from the superior information system to the lower level of equipment, there is no need to consider the network layer.
Can be as 1 kinds of network generally seamless communication, whether in the ooffice or in the field,
Can easily achieve information collection, equipment monitoring and maintenance R120CPU. In addition, using an Ethernet adapter module,
You can easily connect to the SLMP CC-Link universal Ethernet devices connected to the IEE Field network R120CPU.
Therefore, no need to add a new network can effectively use the visual sensor, RFID controller, such as a variety of Ethernet devices.

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