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MR-J2-70A Universal interface driver

MITSUBISHI MR-J2-70A Manual And Instructions
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MR-J2-70A Communication Function Operating Installation Guide
MR-J2-70A Absolute Position Detection System Installation Guide
MR-J2-70A Specifications and Installation Guide

MITSUBISHI MR-J2-70A Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Universal interface driver
Model: MR-J2-70A
MITSUBISHI general purpose AC servo amplifier MR-J2 series.
Rated output: 0.75kw.
Interface: general purpose interface.
Voltage: single phase AC200V.
MITSUBISHI servo system in the MITSUBISHI servo amplifier is widely used,
It can not only be used in the high precision position control and speed control of the working machinery and general industrial machinery,
Can also be used in the field of speed control and tension control.
By installing a personal computer with a servo setting software, the parameters setting, trial run, state display, and gain adjustment are performed.
MITSUBISHI servo system MR-J2S column is developed on the basis of the servo MR-J2 series with a higher performance and more features of the MITSUBISHI servo system,
The control modes are position control, speed control and torque control, as well as the switching control mode among them.

Servo motor series: low inertia, medium / high power.
Rated output: 22.0kw.
Rated speed: 2000r/min.
Electromagnetic brake: No.
Shaft end specification: Standard (straight axis).
Features: low inertia has low medium and high speed three models, suitable for different applications as a standard, 30KW and above servo motor can be installed flange or bracket MR-J2-70A.
IP level: IP44.
Application example:
1, injection molding machine MR-J2-70A
2, semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
3, large material handling system.
4, stamping machine.
Abundant motor product line can optimize the performance of the machine.
Has a rich motor product line including a rotary servo motor, linear servo motor and direct drive motor MR-J2-70A. Servo motor series: low inertia, low power.
Rated output: 0.1kw.
Rated speed: 3000r/min.
Electromagnetic brake: with.
Shaft end specification: Standard (straight axis).
Features: low inertia is widely used in general machinery.
IP level: IP65.
Application example:
1, belt drive.
2, industrial robots.
3, assembly machinery.
4, industrial sewing machine.
5, X-Y working table.
6, food processing machinery MR-J2-70A.
7, semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
8, knitting machine and embroidery machine.
Rotary servo motor.
Numerous motor series and wide motor power range can be used to meet different applications.
The protection level of the HF-KP/HF-MP/HC-LP/HC-RP/HC-UP servo motor to improve the environmental safety is IP65 (except the shaft part). "1 axis servo amplifier.
MITSUBISHI general AC servo amplifier MELSERVO-J4 series.
Rated output: 0.1kw.
Interface: SSCNET III /H.
Power supply: single phase AC100V power supply.
The servo amplifier is limited to 0.4kW.
Servo amplifier supporting SSCNET III /H.
Complete synchronization system capable of using high speed serial optical communication.
Can be combined with the servo system controller to maximize the performance of the servo system.
Not only inherited the original product of high performance and high reliability, but also made a further improvement beyond imagination.
MELSERVO-J4 grand debut.
Servo market for the star of tomorrow. World class servo products.
The new generation of MELSERVO should be what kind of? The answer to this question is already floating
Out of the water. MELSERVO-J4, it represents the whole digital, the original high performance based on an evolutionary.
Is also fully meet the requirements of human beings and the environment MELSERVO latest masterpiece MR-J2-70A.
For example, the safety and environmental requirements for the safety of human use and the safety specifications and "to Use Easy" design.
To meeet the needs of the environmental protection era of energy-saving performance MR-J2-70A.
Beyond the performance of the evolution of MELSERVO-J4, shocking debut! "

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