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A7GT-CNB-RS4-1 A800 series to A900 series conversion line

MITSUBISHI A7GT-CNB-RS4-1 Manual And Instructions
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MITSUBISHI A7GT-CNB-RS4-1 Product information and technical parameters:
Name: A800 series to A900 series conversion line
Model: A7GT-CNB-RS4-1
RS422 interface conversion cable package

QnA/ACPU bus connection.
1 joint.
Applicable models: A985 (-V) /975/970/960GOT. Cable length: 3m.
The connection between Q/LCPU and GOT/ personal computer /GTSoftGOT1000 (D-SUB9).
Applicable models: GT16, GT15, GT11, GT10, GT27, GT25, GT23, GT21. Series Name: hand held F940GOT (RH type).
System screen display language: english A7GT-CNB-RS4-1.
Display: 5.7 inches, with a high degree of operational reliability of the handheld GOT A7GT-CNB-RS4-1
Display color: 8 color.
Display device: LCD STN.
Resolution: 320 * 240.
Installation type: panel mounting.
The built-in communication port: RS-232C (1ch).
Power supply voltage: DC24V.
GOT-F900 series can be easily applied to a variety of different applications.
3 built-in communication channels A7GT-CNB-RS4-1.
Screen area.
Through the split screen configuration, you can reduce the operating time.
The image can be divided into two or three parts to display.
According to the user''s application example, the menu screen or the operation of the button sometimes on the screen will often be used to.
As a result, it is very time-consuming and inefficient to make a similar picture every time. Protective film for 5 A7GT-CNB-RS4-1. 7 inch screen.
Transparent (frame: white), 5.
Applicable model: GT11. Cable length: 5 meters.
For connection between GOT and CRT. Series Name: A975GOT.
Size: 10 inches.
Resolution: 600 * 480.
Display equipment: high brightness TFT color display.
Display color: 16 color.
Power supply: DC24V.
Memory card: 1M.
Man machine interface is the interface between man and machine in the field of information exchange and function contact or influence,
Information exchange, functional contact or mutual influence, the hard contact and soft touch of a person and machine,
This interface includes not only the direct contact point line side,
It also includes the function of remote information transmission and control.
The man-machine interface is the central link in the man-machine system,
Mainly from the safety engineering branch of the safety ergonomiccs to study and put forward the basis for the solution,
And over the safety engineering equipment engineering, safety management engineering and safety systems engineering to study the specific solutions and measures to the safety of human computer science and technology A7GT-CNB-RS4-1 A7GT-CNB-RS4-1.
It realizes the transformation between the internal form of information and the acceptable form of human being.

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