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A7GT-CNB-BUS-1 A800 series to A900 series conversion line

MITSUBISHI A7GT-CNB-BUS-1 Manual And Instructions
A7GT-CNB-BUS-1 datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI A7GT-CNB-BUS-1 Product information and technical parameters:
Name: A800 series to A900 series conversion line
Model: A7GT-CNB-BUS-1
Bus connector conversion cable package

8.4 inches.
Surface treatment: anti reflective film.
Protective film color: No.
USB protection cover parts: there is an opening.
Set number: 5.
Applicable models: GT27, GT25. 8.4 inches.
Surface treatment: transparent.
Protective film color: No.
USB protective cover parts: no openings.
Set number: 5 A7GT-CNB-BUS-1.
Applicable model: GT21. "Series introduction: with a variety of advanced features of the compact model A7GT-CNB-BUS-1
Screen size: 5.7 inches.
Display color: 256 color or more color.
Mounting type: panel mounting type.
Resolution: QVGA (320 x 240).
Display device: STN monochrome.
Host frame color: black.
Power type: DC24V.
Communication interface: QnA/ACPU/ for CPU motion controller (A) built-in bus connection interface A7GT-CNB-BUS-1.
The first characteristic of touch screen:
Transparent, it directly affects the visual effect of touch screen.
The problem of transparency is the degree of transparency, infrared technology, touch screen and surface acoustic wave touch screen is separated by a layer of pure glass,
Transparency can be considered a leader, the other touch screen this is a good scrutiny, transparency",
The touch screen industry, is a very broad concept, many touch screen is a multilayer composite film,
It''s not enough to generalize its visual effect with only a little transparency,
It should include at least four characteristics: transparency, color distortion, reflection and clarity, but also,
For example, the degree of reflection, including the degree of specular reflection and diffraction,
But the touch screen surface diffraction reflection has not reached the extent of the CD disk,
For users, these four metrics are basically enough A7GGT-CNB-BUS-1 A7GT-CNB-BUS-1. "Cable length: 3m.
Adapter for use in the FXCPU communications adapter (D-SUB25 pin connector) and the GOT personal computer (GTSoftGOT100) (d-sub9).
Applicable models: GT16, GT15, GT11, HandyGOT, GT10, GT27, GT25, GT233,, GT21 A7GT-CNB-BUS-1. Cable length: 5.0m.
For the connection between QCPU and GOT.
For connection between two GOT.
Applicable models: GT16, GT15, GT11, GT27, GT25.

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