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Country: JAPAN
Name: servo motor
Model: HA-FH63B
Price: 0
Servo motor series: low inertia, small capacity.
Rated output: 0.1kw.
Rated speed: 3000r/min.
Electromagnetic brake: incidental.
Oil seal: incidental (Note 1, note 2, note 3).
Power supply: 200V.
Note 1 through HG-KR and HG-MR series 0.1kW and HG-SR series can be supported.
Note 2 with the speed reducer case, do not configure the oil seal.
Note 3 with oil seal HG-KR, HG-MR series servo motor''s appearance size standard is different HA-FH63B
The rated speed is 3000r/min, the maximum speed is 6000r/min.
The maximum torque of 350% of the rated torque, high torque in the field of high rotation, only to support the HG-KR series products.
Built in absolute position encoder with high resolution.
Standard high resolution absolute position encoder (4194304p/rev (22bit)).
To achieve a higher accuracy of the positioning function.
Improve the environmental performance of HG-KR, HG-MR, HG-RR, HG-UR series of products using IP65. Drive unit.
MITSUBISHI universal AC servo amplifier MELSERVO-J4 series.
Rated output: 55kw.
Interface: universal type.
Power supply: three phase AC400V.
Support position control, speed control, torque control.
Position control to follow the position instructions.
When the control is inserted, the position control is performed.
Speed control follows the speed command to control the speed within a certain range.
Torque control to follow the torque command to control the stable torque.
Function of switching amplitude. The increase in the process of switching and stopping,
And in the operation of the use of the switching signal, switching growth. Fast connector type.
Voltage output.
Number of channels: 8 channels.
Occupied the number of stations: Ver.1 mode occupied 3 stations, Ver.2 mode occupied 1 stations.
Station type: remote equipment station.
MITSUBISHI PLC hardware implementation
Hardware implementation is mainly for the control cabinet and other hardware design and field construction.
Design control cabinet and the operating table and other parts of the electrical wiring diagram and wiring diagram.
Electrical interconnection diagram of each part of the design system.
According to the construction drawings of the site wiring, and carry out a detailed inspection.
Because the program design and hardware implementation can be carried out at the same time,
So the design cycle of the MITSUBISHI PLC control system can be greatly reduced.
MITSUBISHI PLC online debugging.
On-line debugging is the process that will through the simulation debugging to further carry on the on-line unification to adjust.
On-line debugging process should be step by step,
From MITSUBISHI PLC only connected to the input device, and then connect the output device, and then connect to the actual load and so on and so on step by step.
If you do not meet the requirements, the hardware and procedures for adjustment.
Usually only need to modify the part of the program can be.
HA-FH63B Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=HA-FH63B&select=5

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