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MR-J2M multi axis servo amplifier drive unit.
Rated output: 0.4kw.
The accuracy, stability, response characteristics and operating frequency of the main indicators of the servo control system are four aspects,
Especially in the frequency band width and precision.
Frequency bandwidth of the system, the system frequency response characteristics of the system to reflect the servo system to tracck the fast MR-J70MA. MITSUBISHI general purpose AC servo amplifier MR-J2 series.
Rated output: 0.4kw.
Interface: SSCNET type MR-J70MA.
Voltage: single phase AC200V.
MR-J2 series server system has the ability to carry out a higher precision control,
Using high performance CPU, greatly improve the responsiveness of the product,
Speed loop frequency response increased to 550HZ.
Various series of servo motors are suitable for different control requirements,
The encoder on the servo motor supports ABS mode,
As long as the servo amplifier on the other plus batteries,
Can form an absolute position system MR-J70MA.
Type: MR-J series.
Rated output: 0.75KW.
Suitable for motor series: HA-ME MITSUBISHI MR-J70MA.
Voltage: three phase AC220V.
It is very helpful to improve the stability of the low speed control of the servo motor.
But there is no direct effect to improve the accuracy of position control.
There are, of course, software compensation that is similar to pitch compensation,
Can improve the physical resolution of the single lap, so as to improve the accuracy of positioning control MITSUBISHI MR-J70MA.
This can be effectively used in the use of the robot control of the indexing table.
It is also because of the application of splicing technology,
The rotary encoder will be more widely used in the high precision servo control in the harsh environment MITSUBISHI MR-J70MA.
The use of rotary encoder with 224/ in the servo motor has been used in the servo motor.
Encoder serial communication system, the communication frequency can only be limited to 10M. Superior high efficiency IPM motor.
Output power: 18kw.
Rated speed: 1500r/min.
Voltage level: 400V.
IPM motor MM-EFS series can not be used to run the power frequency power.
The total wiring length of the IPM motor shall not exceed 100m.
1 inverters can not connect multiple IPM motors at the same time. "MITSUBISHI general purpose AC servo amplifier MELSERVO-J2-Super series.
Rated output: 5.0kw.
Built in positioning function.
Voltage: 3 phase AC200VAC or single phase AC230V.
Compatible with "MR-J2S- CP-S084" - servo amplifier and interface unit "MR-J2S-TO1" positioning by CC-Link
Simply setting the point table.
AC servo can be used as the driving source of the field network.
Using servo amplifier built-in positioningg function, position data and speed data, you can set the CC-Link MR-J70MA.
Start, stop and display can also be transmitted through the CC-Link.
Serial communication reduces wiring.
AC servo distributed control system can be easily constructed. "
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