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MITSUBISHI MR-J3-10B SSCNET type III optical fiber communication driver MR-J3-10B

MITSUBISHI general purpose AC servo amplifier MR-J2 series.
Rated output: 0.2kw.
Interface: general purpose interface.
Voltage: single phase AC200V.
MITSUBISHI servo system in the MITSUBISHI servo amplifier is widely used,
It can not only be used in the high precision position control and speed control of the working machinery and general industrial machinery,
Can also be used iin the field of speed control and tension control MR-J3-10B.
By installing a personal computer with a servo setting software, the parameters setting, trial run, state display, and gain adjustment are performed MR-J3-10B.
MITSUBISHI servo system MR-J2S column is developed on the basis of the servo MR-J2 series with a higher performance and more features of the MITSUBISHI servo system,
The control modes are position control, speed control and torque control, as well as the switching control mode among them MR-J3-10B. MITSUBISHI motor universal AC servo amplifier MELSERVO-J3 series.
Rated output: 11.0kw.
Interface type: CC-Link communication type (built-in positioning function).
Power specification: three phase AC400V MITSUBISHI MR-J3-10B.
Positioning operation by setting position and rotational speed data in the positioning table and receiving the start signal from the main controller.
The setting of the position and speed of the positioning table, as well as the start and stop operation can be completed through CC-Link communication MITSUBISHI MR-J3-10B.
By using the MR-J3-D01 extension IO unit, the DI/O instruction can be used to select and locate the table.
(CC-Link can not be used for MR-J3-D01 communications).
With built-in positioning function of the servo amplifier, can be set through the CC-Link communications and speed data MITSUBISHI MR-J3-10B. (corresponding to the CC-Link version: Ver.1.10)
Can be achieved through the CC-Link communications to start, stop and monitoring and other operations.
Serial communication reduce wiring.
Distributed servo control system can be built by CC-Link communication.
The parameters of unit MR-PRU03 (optional) the parameter setting, operation and monitoring more convenient.
The servo amplifier can be used for speed control operation.
When the two stations are occupied, the speed can be set directly by the remote register.
MITSUBISHI motor universal AC servo amplifier MELSERVO-J3 series.
Rated output: 0.1kw.
Interface type: SSCNET type III fiber communication.
Power specification: single phase AC200V.
High speed serial communication between the SSCNET and the servo amplifier by using the fastest up to 0.44ms communication cycle,
A fully synchronous control system can be constructed.
It is only necessary to insert the special optical fiber into the joint to form SSCNET III network, which greatly reduces the wiring work and reduces the possibility of false wiring.
Due to the adoption of the optical fiber communication, the anti noise ability can be greatly improved and the long distance wiring of 50 meters (maximum 800 meters x 16 axes) can be realized.
A servo amplifier to meet the full closed loop control function MR-J3-B-RJ006 MR-J3-10B.
Suitable for mechanical servo optimization and adjustment!
More advanced optimization adjustment function and control function to maximize mechanical properties.
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