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RQ65B RQ extended substrate

MITSUBISHI RQ65B Manual And Instructions
RQ65B datasheetPDF datasheet

MITSUBISHI RQ65B Product information and technical parameters:
Name: RQ extended substrate
Model: RQ65B
The input and output module installation number: 5.
Can install module: MELSEC-Q series module.
DIN guide rail mounting adapter type: Q6DIN2.
Size (H) * (44.1mm) * (W) * (D): * 245mm * 98mm.
Substrate module for mounting various modules of MELSEC-Q series.
Extended use of Q series expansion substrates in the following extensions. "

Memory capacity: 256MB.
As one of the specific features of the iQ-R CPU series MELSEC module, the new C language controller module is added.
C language ARM developed a multi-core controller can perform multiple programs simultaneously based on.
In addition, both the robustness and timing of the C language controller can also be used as a substitute for computer / computer platform RQ65B.
Moreover, the C language controller adopts a non fan structure, and does not raise dust, and is most suitable for use in a clean environment such as a micro chip factory RQ65B
Play iQ-R MELSEC series of high performance, flexible, strong characteristics, can be used in a variety of industrial applications to achieve automation RQ65B.
Can be simple to use 3 kinds of tool software.
C language controller has been installed in a variety of drivers embedded real-time OS. Various modules can be easily accessed through a special function,
No need to develop the driver and install new OS, through a special function to access a variety of modules,
Can be simple to deploy, reduced cost of development.
You can use CW Workbench and CW Configurator (software) (setting and monitoring tools) and CW-Sim (simulation tool VxWorks RQ65B. ),
Provide strong support for C language program development.
Can be easily programmed, no restrictions on the microprocessor.
By using the C language controller module specific function (CCPU function), MELSEC communication function (MD function),
Can easily access the C language controller module, I/O module, intelligent function module, network module, programmable controller CPU and sports CPU, etc.,
Create an application that uses a programmable controller device. RQ65B.
Configurator CW can be used for parameter setting, diagnosis and monitoring.
Using Configurator CW,
The iQ-R/Q MELSEC series module (network module, intelligent function module, input and output module, etc.) can be easily set, diagnosis, moonitor and test by the C language controller module RQ65B.
The operation of Configurator CW is similar to that of iQ-R MELSEC programming software Works3 GX.

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