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R60TD8-G Temperature input module

MITSUBISHI R60TD8-G Manual And Instructions
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MITSUBISHI R60TD8-G Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Temperature input module
Model: R60TD8-G
Analog input channel number: 8CH.
Cold end compensation accuracy: plus or minus 1.
Available thermocouple: B, R, S, K, E, J, T, N.
Available temperature resistance: -.
Resolution 1:B, R, S, N:0.3
Resolution 2:K, E, J, T:0.1
Conversion speed: 30ms/CH.
Insulation between channels: isolation transformer insulation.
Disconnection detection: there.
External wiring connection mode: 40 pin connector.
The temperature measurement value (16 bit''signed binary): 2700 ~ 18200.
Zoom value (16 bit with symbol binary).
High speed data sampling is not affected by the scan time.
The analog input module has the function of recording, which can be used to collect the analog quantity input data in the industrial application.
Can continuously collect data in a set period, each channel can store up to 10000 points of the recorded data.
In addition, the state of the state of any time and data in the program can be changed as a trigger,
To stop collecting data. The analog quantity input data can be stored and maintained before and after the trigger state through the function,
Easy to determine the occurrence of the phenomenon and the collection of test data. Such as motor testing equipment used in this function.
Control instructions from a programmable controller to a transducer and a power meter transmission test mode,
At the same time, the test data of the test motor is collected at the same time.

The input and output module installation number: 8.
Can install module: MELSEC-Q series module.
DIN guide rail mounting adapter type: Q6DIN1.
Size (H) * (44.1mm) * (W) * (D): * 328mm * 98mm.
Substrate module for mounting various modules of MELSEC-Q series.
Extended use of Q series expansion substrates in the following extensions R60TD8-G. "Analog output channel number: 8CH.
Ambient temperature of 25 plus or minus 5 degrees C: plus or minus 0 R60TD8-G1%.
Ambient temperature 0 ~ 55 degrees C: plus or minus 0.3%.
Temperature coefficient.
Conversion speed: 80 s/CH.
Channel to channel insulation
Output short circuit protection: have.
External power supply: DC24.
External wiring connection mode: 18 point screw terminal R60TD8-G.
Voltage output
Digital input value: 32000 ~ 32000.
Analog output voltage: DC - 10 - 10V.
Current output
Digital input value: -.
Analog output current: -.
High speed output flow simulation waveform.
The analog output module has the function of registering arbitrary waveform data to the module, and continuously executing the analog output according to the set conversion cycle.
Execute the analog quantity (torque) control of stamping machine and injection molding machine, can automatically output the control waveform,
Through the process of high speed, smooth control R60TD8-G. In addition, only prior to the waveform data are registered in the module,
Can easily control the analog waveform, so the production line control, such as repetitive control,
Without using a special program to create the waveform, can reduce the programming time.
The analog output module is the interface of analog signal to the external output through the programmable controller.
Can choose voltage output, current output, voltage / current mixed output type for a variety of purposes of the module. "Input points: 32 points.
Rated input voltage and frequency: DC24V.
Rated input current: TYP 4.0mA.
Response time: 0.1 ~ 70ms.
Common way: 32 point / public end.
Interrupt function: have.
External wiring connection mode: 40 pin connector.
The input and output module is the interface between the switch, sensor, actuator, and other control system of the ON/OFF signal processing.
Compared with the previous series, iQ-R MELSEC series of input and output modules have more features,
1 modules can be used for a variety of purposes, to help reduce the cost of deployment and maintenance costs.
The module design of the pursuit of convenience".
Paste the white label on the input module and paste the red label on the output module,
The rated specifications are clearly marked on the front of the module, which can prevent the use of errors.
The input and output number stamped on the top of the front display input and output module LEDD, can easily confirm the status of the ON/OFF R60TD8-G.
The terminal arrangement of each signal is recorded on the wiring terminal of the 16 point module, and the false wiring can be prevented.
The 64 point module can be 32 points as the unit, throough the switch to switch to display the input and output number R60TD8-G.
In addition, serial number tag in the front of the module, can be easily recognized. "

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