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HC-RP153 Power servo motor in ultra low inertia

MITSUBISHI HC-RP153 Product information and technical parameters:
Name: Power servo motor in ultra low inertia
Model: HC-RP153
Servo motor series: super low inertia, medium power.
Rated output: 1.5kw.
Rated speed: 3000r/min.
Electromagnetic brake: No.
Shaft end specification: Standard (straight axis).
Features: ultra low inertia is very suitable for high frequency operation.
IP level: IP65.
Application example:
1, ultra high frequency transmission system.
Abundant motor product line can optimize the performance of the machine.
Has a rich motor product line including a rotary servo motor, linear servo motor and direct drive motor.

Type: MR-J series.
Rated output: 0.1KW.
Suitable for motor series: HA-ME.
Voltage: three phase AC220V.
It is very helpful to improve the stability of the low speed control of the servo motor.
But there is no direct effect to improve the accuracy of position control.
There are, of course, software compensation that is similar to pitch compensation,
Can improve the physical resolution of the single lap, so as to improve the accuracy of positioning control HC-RP153 HC-RP153
This can be effectively used in the use of the robot control of the indexing table.
It is also because of the application of splicing technology,
The rotary encoder will be more widely used in the high precision servo control in the harsh environment HC-RP153.
The use of rotary encoder with 224/ in the servo motor has been used in the servo motor.
Encoder serial communication system, the communication frequency can only be limited to 10M. 1 axis servo amplifier.
MITSUBISHI general AC servo amplifier MELSERVO-J4 series.
Rated output: 0.75kw.
Interface: SSCNET III /H.
Power supply: three phase AC200V.
Special specification: support for CC-LinkIE HC-RP153. Field network motion control.
Servo amplifier supporting IE Field CC-Link network.
Ethernet based open network, support for motion control.
2 low frequency vibration can be suppressed at the same time by supporting the seismic algorithm of 3 inertial equipment.
Configurator2 MR to achieve convenient adjustment.
Effectively restrain the low frequency aftershock effect produced by the front end of the boom or the main body of the device 100Hz.
Can effectively shorten the time to control the stability of the aftershock.

In the XY design of trajectory control, improve the accuracy of arc track HC-RP153.
At the same time, it can effectively control the phenomenon of quadrant protrusion caused by the rotation direction of the servo motor, which is caused by friction and twisting HC-RP153. Fiber length: 0.15 meters.
SSCNET III cables (standard optical fiber used in control cabinet).
Joints for CN1A and CN1B. Purpose: MR-JE-B.

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