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MITSUBISHI FX3GE-24MT/DS Manual And Instructions
FX3GE-24MT/DS datasheetPDF datasheet
FX3GE-24MT/DS Basic & Applied Instructions EditionPROGRAMMING MANUAL

MITSUBISHI FX3GE-24MT/DS Product information and technical parameters:
Name: PLC
Model: FX3GE-24MT/DS
Input and output points: 24 points.
Power supply: DC24V.
Input points: 14 points.
Output points: 10 points.
Output form: transistor output (drain).
Power consumption: 21W.
Weight: 0.55KG.
Outline dimension: 90x90x86mm.
FX3GE on the performance of the FX3GA increased analog input / output and Ethernet communication and other built-in features.
Applicable to a wide variety of applications.
Basic unit: 24/40 point.
Third generation standard model.
High flexibility.
Suitable for small scale control of high cost PLC.
Control points to 128 points, the use of CC-Link remote I/O can control the maximum 256 points.
A versatile PLC.
Built in CPU, power supply, input and output, analog input and output, Ethernet port, can be used immediately after the purchase.
High speed operation.
Basic instructions: 0.21 s/ instruction.
Application instruction: 0.5 s/ instruction.
Large capacity memory.
Built in program memory 32000 steps.
EEPROM memory cartridge with program transfer function.

Input points: 4 points.
Weight: 0.02kg.
Function expansion board is used in the FX3SA, FX3S, FX3GA, FX3G, FX3GE on the small number of input and output extension of the product,
Can be built into PLC. Max input / output points: 64 points.
Power supply voltage: 24VDC.
Input points: 32 points.
Output points: 32 points FX3GE-24MT/DS.
Output type: Transistor (source).
Power consumption: 40W.
Weight (kg):1 FX3GE-24MT/DS0.
Size (WxHxD) mm:220x90x86.
Built in CPU, power supply, input and output. By using a rich variety of functional extension boards and special adapters,
Can achieve high precision control.
Based on the function of FX2N has been greatly strengthened and enhanced.
High speed operation.
Basic instructions: 0.065 s/ instruction FX3GE-24MT/DS.
Application instruction: 0.642 s/ instruction.
Large capacity memory.
Built in program memory 64000 steps.
Flash memory cartridge with program transfer function.
Corresponding EN and UL/cUL authentication.
Faster and more efficient. Support high speed control and network communication, and have the function of data recording.
High speed, large capacity, multi-function high-end machine FX3GE-24MT/DS.
FX3U supports high speed processing, CC-Link communication, network communication, analog control and advanced positioning system.
Connected to the CC-Link, including the remote I/O, the maximum input and output control points up to 384 points,
Can correspond to a variety of field needs, the use of its scalability and flexibility to expand the scope of application of the control system.
Third generation high function micro programmable controller.
High speed, high efficiency, high performance, large capacity, and new features.
Built in high speed processing and positioning.
Control points: maximum 256 points.
Use CC-Link remote I/O for 384 points.
Auxiliary relay: 7680 points.
Timer: 512 points.
Counter: 235.
Data register: 8000.
Extended register: 32768 point.
Extended file register: 32768. Max input / output points: 80 points.
Power supply voltage: 24VDC.
Input points: 40 points.
Output points: 40 points.
Output type: relay.
Power consumption: 40W.
Weight (kg):1.2.
Size (WxHxD) mm:285x90x87.
Note recording function, Component annotation can be recorded in the program register.
Online program editor, online change the program will not lose the working hours or stop production operation.
RUN/STOP switch, running on panel / stop switch easy to operate.
Remote maintenance, remote programming software can monitor, upload or uninstall programs and data via modem communications
Password protecction, using a eight digit password to protect your program FX3GE-24MT/DS.
Clock function and hour meter function, all of the PLC FX2N has a real-time clock standard.
Continuous scanning function, to define the operation cycle for the application off the continuous scan time FX3GE-24MT/DS.
Input filter adjustment function, you can use the input filter to smooth the input signal (in the basic unit x000 to x017).

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