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FX2NC-232ADP RS-232C adapter

MITSUBISHI FX2NC-232ADP Manual And Instructions
FX2NC-232ADP datasheetPDF datasheet
FX2NC-232ADP Data Communication EditionUSER'S MANUAL
FX2NC-232ADP User's Manual

MITSUBISHI FX2NC-232ADP Product information and technical parameters:
Name: RS-232C adapter
Model: FX2NC-232ADP
RS-232C communication adapter.
(need FX1N-CNV-BD).
(FX1S and FX1N host general).

Function: no terminal input.
Input points: 16 points.
Connected programmable logic controller: FX1NC, FX2NC, FX3UC.
Weight: 0.15KG.
FX2NC expansion module can be directly connected to the FX1NC, FX2NC, PLC FX3UC on the expansion of the input and output.
Do not need to connect the cable and so on, therefore can carry on the compact expansion FX2NC-232ADP. Input and output points: 60 points.
Power supply: DC24V FX2NC-232ADP
Input points: 36 points.
Output points: 24 points.
Output form: transistor output (drain).
Power consumption: 29W.
Weight: 0.85KG.
Outline dimension: 175x90x86mm.
A free combination of PLC.
FX3G basic unit: 14/24/40/60 point.
FX3GA is a compact PLC, simple design and with the basic functions of the FX3 series FX2NC-232ADP.
Through the strengthening of the built-in function and flexible expansion, expanded in various fields of application.
Third generation standard model.
High flexibility.
Suitable for small scale control of high cost.
Control points to 128 points, the use of CC-Link remote I/O can control the maximum 256 points.
High speed operation.
Basic instructions: 0.21 s/ instruction.
Application instruction: 0 FX2NC-232ADP. 5 s/ instruction.
Large capacity memory.
Built in program memory 32000 steps.
EEPROM memory cartridge with program transfer function.
Third generation standard model.
Easy to use integrated models and flexible scalability.
Condensed convenience of using the usual FX3 series.
Its high price by the most suitable for small scale control. Max input / output points: 14 points.
Power supply voltage: 24VDC.
Input points: 8 points.
Output points: 6 points.
Output type: relay.
Power consumption (W): 6.5.
Weight (kg):0.22.
Size (WxHxD) mm:60x90x49.
Host has 10 points (6I/4O), 14 points (8I/6O), 20 points (12I/8O), 30 points (16I/14O) of 4 types.
This type of PLC is mainly used in all of the digital input, digital output control point of the device.
Can be directly connected to the 220V city power, built-in 8K step EEPROM memory, no battery, easy to maintain.
The series transistor output (MT) of the PLC, can be output 2 100KHz pulse, direct drive servo or stepper motor.
The series PLC can not be brought with the expansion module, but can be installed by the BD board to extend a small amount of I/O.
The series 1N tthrough the installation of BD series PLC board, can achieve RS232, RS485, RS422 communication FX2NC-232ADP.
All equipment is digital input and output point.
The total I/O points are not more than 30 points, and the input points are less than 16, thhe output points are less than 14 FX2NC-232ADP.
Its MT series of PLC can drive 2 way servo or stepper, commonly used in the control system for a simple manipulator.

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