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Country: JAPAN
Name: Relay output unit
Model: FX2N-48ER-D
Market price: U.S.$ 710.17
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
Drive: MR-H_AN series.
Rated output: 5.0KW.
Universal AC servo.
Servo driver (drives servo) also known as the "servo controller", "servo amplifier",
Is a kind of controller used to control the servo motor. Its function is similar to that of the frequency converter,
Belongs to a part of the servo system, which is mainly used in high precision positioning system.
In general, the servo motor is controlled by position, speed and torque in three ways,
To achieve high precision positioning of the transmission system, the current transmission technology is the high-end products FX2N-48ER-D
Servo drive is an important part of modern motion control,
Is widely used in industrial robots and CNC machining centers and other automation equipment.
In particular, it has become a hot research topic in the field of servo drives for the control of AC permanent magnet synchronous motor.
Current, speed and position 3 closed loop control algorithm based on vector control is widely used in AC servo drive system.
The speed closed-loop design of the algorithm is reasonable or not, for the entire servo control system,
Especially the speed control performance plays a key role.Controller to amplifier adapterServo motor series: ultra low inertia, medium capacity.
Rated output: 3.5kw.
Rated speed: 3000r/min.
Electromagnetic brake: incidental.
Power supply: 200V.
The most suitable medium capacity, ultra low inertia type product''s high frequency operation and so on.
Improve the environmental performance of HG-KR, HG-MR, HG-RR, HG-UR series of products using IP65.
100 scene, there are 100 different drive control.
In order to meet the needs of the diverse and detailed field,
MR-J4 product line configuration, providing a wealth of servo amplifier and servo motor products.
Can meet the different needs of different customers. 5.7 inches.
Surface treatment: anti reflective film.
Protective film color: No.
USB protection cover parts: there is an opening.
Set number: 5.
Applicable model: GT27. Fiber optic cable / twisted pair cable.
Single bus.
Remote I/O station.
According to the control requirements of the system, using the appropriate design method to design MITSUBISHI PLC program.
Procedures to meet the requirements of system control as the main line,
Write one by one to achieve the control function or the sub task of the program,
Gradually improve the functions specified by the system.
MITSUBISHI PLC initialization procedure. After MITSUBISHI PLC on power, the general need to do some of the initial operation,
In order to start making necessary preparations, to avoid the wrong operation of the system.
The main contents of the initialization program are: to some data area, counter and so on,
Data needed to restore some of the data area,
Set or reset some relays,
For some initial state display, etc..
FX2N-48ER-D Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=FX2N-48ER-D&select=5

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