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Country: JAPAN
Name: Relay terminal module cable
Model: AC50TE
Market price: U.S.$ 111.86
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
Max input / output points: 96 points.
Power supply voltage: 24VDC.
Input points: 48 points.
Output points: 48 points.
Output type: Transistor (sink).
Power consumption: 14W.
Weight (kg):0.45.
Size (WxHxD) mm:86x90x87.
Taking into account space saving and processing speed.
Connector input and output type compact high performance universal machine.
Compact, scalable input / output.
Can connect analog quantity, communication, positioning, etc AC50TE.
Rich special extension equipment for FX2N.
By connecting the compact FX2rvc series with the input and output expansion module.
The input and output can be extended to 256 points.
Built in 8000 step RAM memory.
By installing the memory card box, the maximum can be extended to the 16000 step.
Overseas oriented products meet all kinds of international standards.
Use terminal module to replace connector connection or relay terminal row connection,
So as to save the wiring inside the cabinet. Input and output points: 60 points.
Power supply: DC24V.
Input points: 36 points.
Output points: 24 points.
Output form: transistor output (source).
Power consumption: 29W.
Weight: 0.85KG.
Outline dimension: 175x90x86mm.
A free combination of PLC.
FX3G basic unit: 14/24/40/60 point.
FX3GA is a compact PLC, simple design and with the basic functions of the FX3 series.
Through the strengthening of the built-in function and flexible expansion, expanded in various fields of application.
Third generation standard model.
High flexibility.
Suitable for small scale control of high cost.
Control points to 128 points, the use of CC-Link remote I/O can control the maximum 256 points.
High speed operation.
Basic instructions: 0.21 s/ instruction.
Application instruction: 0.5 s/ instruction.
Large capacity memory.
Built in program memory 32000 steps.
EEPROM memory cartridge with program transfer function.
Third generation standard model.
Easy to use integrated models and flexible scalability.
Condensed convenience of using the usual FX3 series.
Its high price by the most suitable for small scale control.
AC50TE Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=AC50TE&select=5

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