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Country: JAPAN
Name: Connector / terminal station conversion module cable
Model: AC50TB-E
Market price: U.S.$ 166.1
(The following are the market open price not sales price!)
Total input and output points: 32 points.
Input points: 16 points.
Output points: 16 points.
Output type: transistor output.
Power supply voltage: AC100-240V.
Input signal voltage: DC24V.
Developed a range of special function modules to meet the needs of different - analog I/O, high speed counter.
Positioning control to achieve the 16 axis, the pulse train output or for the J and K type thermocouple or Pt sensor developed the temperature module AC50TB-E
A total of 8 special function modules can be configured for each FX2n main unit.
Taking into account space saving and processing speed.
Connector input and output type compact high performance universal machine.
Compact, scalable input / output.
Can connect analog quantity, communication, positioning, etc..
Rich special extension equipment for FX2N.
By connecting the compact FX2rvc series with the input and output expansion module.
The input and output can be extended to 256 points.
Built in 8000 step RAM memory.
By installing the memory card box, the maximum can be extended to the 16000 step.
Overseas oriented products meet all kinds of international standards.
Use terminal module to replace connector connection or relay terminal row connection,
So as to save the wiring inside the cabinet.
Customers can according to their own needs, free choice of MITSUBISHI motor micro programmable controller FX series.
FX series can be widely used to control a variety of varied areas.
More convenient.
You can shorten the working hours of the development process by a minimal set of settings.
High reliability.
Excellent features, as always, quality and reliability.
MITSUBISHI motor to recommend the third generation of micro programmable controller FX3 series.
High function, high precision, high cost performance. 8 slots.
Extended substrate.
Requires 1 power modules.
Used to install Q series modules.
Wider application range, more advanced.
Leading in the era of the Q series CPU products.
Q series CPU products a wide range of applications,
Provide programmable controller, process, redundancy, C language, movement, manipulator, CNC all kinds of CPU,
In order to meet the needs of various control.
Through the multi CPU configuration, can be based on the use of the scale, purpose,
Construction of the best system to meet the requirements of all kinds of control.
In addition, the high reliability system can be constructed by the redundant system,
Even if a fault occurs, the system can continue to run.
Optimal network matching for application purposes and applications,
Seamless communication between different hierarchical systems.
Enhancing the ability of information communication through network.
This is also a major task in the field of automation.
Network environment provided by Q series
Is truly open & seamless.
Including based on universal ethernet,
Achieve easy management of the environment "IE Control CC-Link" controller network,
As well as in its management to achieve a high-speed, high-capacity transmission of the "IE Field CC-Link" field network.
Also including Japan''s first, to achieve the world standard,
And get the SEMI certification of the field network "CC-Link",
And inherited the design concept of the provincial distribution network CC-Link/LT".
And support sensor networks "AnyWire",
To enrich the lineup flexibility to integrate the various layers of automation network.
AC50TB-E Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=AC50TB-E&select=5

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