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Country: JAPAN
Name: Low inertia medium / high power servo motor
Model: HA-LP8014
Price: 0
Superior high efficiency IPM motor.
Output power: 11kw.
Rated speed: 1500r/min.
Voltage level: 400V.
IPM motor MM-EFS series can not be used to run the power frequency power.
The total wiring length of the IPM motor shall not exceed 100m.
1 inverters can not connect multiple IPM motors at the same time. Control axis: maximum 4 axes.
Operation cycle: 0.88ms.
Interpolation function: linear interpolation (maximum 4 axis), 2 axis arc interpolation HA-LP8014
Color signal: 4 points.
Color detecting set: 4 set.
Only need to use the PLC program can easily achieve synchronous control, cam control, speed and torque (push pressure control) and other advanced motion control.
Equipped with standard synchronous encoder and color detection function necessary function.
Can be no procedures for setting. Strong support for MELSOFT.
Can fully apply LD77MH of the old program.
Let motion control more simple. 10BASE-T.
Q mode.
MITSUBISHI PLC is the main product in the production of MITSUBISHI motor in Dalian.
It uses a kind of programmable memory for its internal storage procedures,
Execute logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations, user oriented instruction,
And through digital or analog input / output control of various types of machinery or production process.
When the programmer input programinto the user program memory,
Then CPU according to the function of the system (the system program memory to explain the compiler),
Translate the user program into PLC internally recognized by the user to compile the program. Drive: MR-H_ACN series CC-LINK features.
Rated output: 2.0KW.
The test system is composed of two parts, namely, the servo driver, the motor system and the host computer.
The host computer sends the speed command signal to the servo driver,
Servo drives start to run in accordance with the instructions.
In the course of operation, the running data of the servo system is collected by the host computer and the data acquisition circuit,
And carries on the preservation, the analysis and the display to the data. Because the motor is not loaded in this test system,
So compared with the previous two kinds of testing systems, the system has a relatively small volume,
And the measurement and control circuit of the system is relatively simple,
But it also makes the system can not simulate the actual operation of the servo drive.
Usually, such testing system is only used to test the rotational speed and angular displacement of the tested system under no-load condition,
And can not carry on the comprehensive and accurate test to the servo drive.
HA-LP8014 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=HA-LP8014&select=5

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