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Country: JAPAN
Name: Low inertia medium / high power servo motor
Model: HA-LP37K1M4
Price: 0
MITSUBISHI general purpose AC servo amplifier MR-J2 series.
Rated output: 0.75kw.
Interface: single axis positioning built-in type.
Voltage: single phase AC200V.
High response.
High precision positioning.
High level automatic tuning, can easily achieve gain settings.
Adopting adaptive vibration control and reducing vibration.
With a computer combination, using the software to achieve the best tuning HA-LP37K1M4
Pulse sequence input (position, speed control), analog input (speed, torque control) two purposes.
Simple operation.
The socket is arranged on the front panel, and is convenient to connect.
Using the socket, wiring easy.
Setting method and J2Super with interchangeable. MITSUBISHI inverter series: FR-F820.
Voltage level: three phase 200V.
Power: 45kw.
SLD converter rated current: 233A.
Structure and function: Standard model.
Type: CA.
Substrate coating: have.
PID target value can be set directly from the operator panel. Flexible change settings.
In the 1 inverter, through the PID control of parallel connection pump (up to 4 units) can adjust the amount of water and so on.
1 pumps driven by parallel connection of the pump machine, in addition to the pump for power frequency drive.
The number of power frequency driven pump, according to the automatic adjustment of water.
The liquid crystal panel options (FR-LU08) can be converted to a more intuitive display unit% units.
Through the use of wind, temperature and other familiar units can be simple to maintain and adjust the display. 2 channels.
Count input signal: DC5/12/24V, 2-5mA.
External input: DC5V/DC12V/DC24V.
External output: Transistor (open collector) DC12/24V, 0.5A.
36 point terminal station.
Input status and input information input from the input interface,
CPU will be stored in the working data memory or in the input image register.
And then combine the data and the program with CPU.
The result is stored in the output image register or the working data memory,
And then output to the output interface, control the external drive.
PLC selection with the development of PLC technology, more and more types of PLC products,
Function is becoming more and more perfect, and its application is more and more extensive.
Different series of different models of PLC has different performance, applicable occasions also have different emphasis,
Price also has a greater difference. Therefore PLC selection,
Under the premise of meeting the control requirements,
Should consider the best performance to price ratio, a reasonable choice of PLC.
The working process of the input interface circuit: when the switch is closed, the diode light,
The transistor is then guided to the internal circuit and input signal under the irradiation of the light.
When the switch is off, the diode does not emit light, and the transistor is not on the way. Internal circuit input signal.
It is through the input interface circuit to the external switch signal into PLC internal can accept the digital signal.
MITSUBISHI PLC is the main product in the production of MITSUBISHI motor in Dalian.
It uses a kind of programmable memory for its internal storage procedures,
Execute logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations, user oriented instruction,
And through digital or analog input / output control of various types of machinery or production process.
HA-LP37K1M4 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=HA-LP37K1M4&select=5

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