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QD77MS4 MITSUBISHI Simple motion module MITSUBISHI QD77MS4

Resolution 262144PLS/res.
Allow speed 3600r/min.
Allowable load of shaft: the maximum of 19.6N, the maximum axial direction is 9.8N.
Convenient processing of large capacity data.
In the past can not achieve the standard RAM and SRAM card file register area of continuous access,
The boundary of each area should be considered in programming QD77MS4.
The SRAM 8MB extension card is innstalled in the high speed universal QCPU,
Standard RAM can be used as a continuous file register,
Capacity up to 4736K words, thus simplifying the programming QD77MS4.
Thus, even if the memory space of the soft element is insufficient,
Can also be installed by the expansion of SRAM card, easy to extend the file register area.
The address register is extended to 32 bits, which can be programmed to go beyond the traditional 32K word,
And to achieve the extension to the file register to all regions of the file register QD77MS4.
In addition, the processing speed of the index modification plays an important role in the efficient operation of structured data (array),
The speed has been improved MITSUBISHI QD77MS4.
When the index is used to modify the program repeatedly (e.g. from FOR to NEXT), the scan time can be reduced.3C-2V/5C-2V coaxial cable.
Single bus.
Remote I/O net (remote I/O station).
MELSECNET/H network module capable of composing large scale flexible network system.
The MELSECNET/H network system includes the PLC network of the control station and the communication between the stations and the remote I/O network in the remote station remote I/O station MITSUBISHI QD77MS4.
Optical fiber loop system...... High speed communication of 10Mbps/25Mbps is realized.
The distance between stations, the length of the total cable length, strong anti-interference MITSUBISHI QD77MS4.
Coaxial bus system...... Using low cost coaxial cable, the network construction cost is lower than that of the optical fiber loop network.
Twisted pair bus system...... Combined with high performance price ratio network module and twisted pair cable,
The construction cost of network system is very low.
"Maximum control axis: 4 axis.
Connection mode with servo amplifier: SSCNET III /H connection type.
The maximum distance between the drive units: 100m.
Operation cycle: 0.88ms.
Interpolation function: linear interpolation (maximum 4 axis), 2 axis arc interpolation.
Color signal: 4 points.
Color detecting set: 4 set.
Even the long distance wiring can be flexible.
The use of fiber optic cable, with high speed, high performance, high reliability of the servo system controller network.
In addition to the traditional positioning control, but also to support speed / torque control and synchronous control.
Use simple movement module setup tool",
Can easily perform positioning settings, monitoring and debugging, etc..
In addition, the data can be collected and displayed synchronously with the motion controller.
SSCNET III /H connection to save the wiring, the maximum distance between the station up to 100m,
Absolute position system can be easily supported.
The upper limit limit switch, the lower limit switch and the near point block signal are input by the servo amplifier,
Thus greatly reducing wiring.
In addition to positioning control and speed control, but also to perform synchronization control, cam control, ttorque control, touch pressure control, etc QD77MS4..
Positioning module (QD75MH) of the project and the sequence of the previous model is highly compatible with the old model,
The project can be easily applied to the simple motion module (QD77MS). "
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