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F940GOT-SWD MITSUBISHI 57 Inch Touch Screen F940GOT-SWD

Max input / output points: 10 points.
Power supply voltage: DC24V.
Input points: 6 points.
Output points: 4 points.
Output type: relay.
Power consumption (W): 19.
Weight (kg):0.3.
Size (WxHxD) mm:60x90x75.
Positioning and pulse output functions: a PLC cell can output 2 point 100KHz pulses at the same time F940GOT-SWD.
PLC is equipped with 7 special positioninng instructions,
Including zero return, absolute or relative address expression and special pulse output control.
Host has 10 points (6I/4O), 14 points (8I/6O), 20 points (12I/8O), 30 points (16I/14O) of 4 types F940GOT-SWD.
This type of PLC is mainly used in all of the digital input, digital output control point of the device.
Can be directly connected to the 220V city power, built-in 8K step EEPROM memory, no battery, easy to maintain F940GOT-SWD.
The series transistor output (MT) of the PLC, can be output 2 100KHz pulse, direct drive servo or stepper motor.
The series PLC can not be brought with the expansion module, but can be installed by the BD board to extend a small amount of I/O.
The series 1N through the installation of BD series PLC board, can achieve RS232, RS485, RS422 communication MITSUBISHI F940GOT-SWD. Total points: 20 points.
Input points: 12 points.
Output points: 8 points.
Voltage: AC220V.
Output type: relay.
Outline dimension: 75*75*90.
MITSUBISHI FX1S series PLC is suitable for the smallest package,
It is the preferred target for low cost users to seek powerful control over a limited range of I/0 MITSUBISHI F940GOT-SWD.
FX1S provides up to 30 I/O points, and can be transmitted through serial communication data,
MT models also have the ability to locate, widely used in a variety of small mechanical equipment MITSUBISHI F940GOT-SWD.
Series Name: F940GOT.
System screen display language: japanese.
Display: 5.7 inches, suitable for a variety of applications, GOT.
Display color: 8 color.
Display device: LCD STN.
Resolution: 320 * 240.
Installation type: panel mounting.
The built-in communication port: RS-422 (1ch) /RS-232C (1ch).
Power supply voltage: DC24V.
GOT-F900 series can be easily applied to a variety of different applications.
3 built-in communication channels.
3 standard communication ports are provided for the same PC (COM2:RS-232C) or a PLC (COM1:RS-232C and COM0:RS-422) communication.
Flexible layout.
F940WGOT can be installed in a vertical or horizontal direction.
The direction of the screen can be directed by programming software.
Screen area.
Through the split screen configuration, you can reduce the operating time.
The image can be divided into two or three parts to ddisplay F940GOT-SWD.
According to the user''s application example, the menu screen or the operation of the button sometimes on the screen will often be used to.
As a result, it is very time-consuming and inefficient to make a similar picture every time.
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