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MITSUBISHI Digital-Analog Converter Module A68DAV User's Manual [Download]
A68DAV User's Manual A68DAV Using CC-Link field bus connection, the number of wiring is greatly red
A68DAV By using the MR-J3-D01 extension IO unit, the DI/O instruction can be used to select and loca
MITSUBISHI Analog output module A68DAV [Products]
8 channels. Input: DC-10 ~ 10V. Output (resolution): -4000 ~ 4000/-8000 ~ 8000/-12000 ~ 12000. Trans
MITSUBISHI Analog output module A68DAV datasheetPDF datasheet [Download]
A68DAV PDF datasheet A68DAV PLC control of the DC drive system, the input of the PLC in addition to
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